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The Newport Aquarium, Northern Kentucky's premier travel and tourist destination, was experiencing steadily declining attendance numbers for more than four years. Advertisng and branding efforts were haphazard and unfocused. Plans included the launch of a new turtle exhibit, "Journey of Survival," and a brand new 4.5 million expansion exhibit, "Hidden Treasures of the Rainforest."


• Devised a humorous, endearing advertising campaign comprised of television, radio, outdoor, magazine and newspaper ads that launched the then-new turtle exhibit in local and regional markets.

• Followed up initial campaign with family friendly "Turtle Derby" racing event to create renewed interest and extend appeal.

• Built awareness for the new "Hidden Treasures of the Rainforest" exhibit with a colorful campaign utilizing television and radio spots, billboards, magazine and newpaper ads.

• Featured lovable, playful otters front and center to establish an emotional connection with target audience, refocusing the aim of the campaign.



• Campaign launch created a 40,000-person increase in attendance in a mere four months, from April through July.

• Exhibit duration was extended due to this increase capitalizing on its popularity and further increasing gate receipts.

• Phenomenal increase in attendance numbers established an historical benchmark.

• Received favorable, unsolicited press and tv stories about
"Turtle Derby" further enhancing both exhibits' appeal.

• Campaigns created tremendous public awareness of a previously little-known cultural institution.



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