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Totes, the only nationally recognized brand in the umbrella category, found itself struggling in a commodity-like business and needed to trade consumers up from $12 umbrellas to $20 umbrellas.


• A strategy was developed that convinced consumers there was a more convenient way to carry a more expensive, durable full-size umbrella around.

• The umbrella, which we named Small Wonder, was positioned as a sophisticated fashion accessory for the demure woman and suave man not willing to carry large unwieldy umbrellas.

• The message was imbued with an air of elegance and sophistication that was completely absent from this category.


• All department stores in U.S. stocked both umbrellas. The umbrellas sold out in a few weeks.

• Department store business rose over 30% in 1 year due to volume produced by sale of both umbrellas.

• $20 umbrellas outsold $12 umbrellas for the first time in the history of the company.

• $20 umbrellas increased from 20% to 59% of total product mix.

• Small Wonder became the #1 selling umbrella that year despite its higher price.

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